Sands and The Lullaby Trust, the two largest baby loss charities operating across the UK, are considering a merger to create a world class charity to reduce the number of babies dying in the UK, and provide a lifeline to all families who have lost a baby both before, during and shortly after birth and during infancy.

Why might the charities merge?

The Chief Executives, Clea Harmer of Sands and Francine Bates of The Lullaby Trust, want to explore whether uniting these two successful charities could combine their strengths and experience to ensure the voice of bereaved parents is heard and delivers real change.

Both charities want to create a world where fewer babies die, but when a baby does die anyone affected receives the best possible care and support for as long as it’s needed.

What is happening?

Both organisations are now undertaking a full, transparent and open conversation, until the end of February 2018, with all stakeholders including staff, volunteers, members and key supporters before a decision is taken to merge or not.

You can find out more by reading this New Philanthropy Capital interview with the two Chief Executives.

If you would like to feedback on the proposals you can send an email to

Who is The Lullaby Trust?

Sands and The Lullaby Trust share similar origins and a vision for a world where families no longer experience the heart breaking loss of a baby.

Both were founded in the 1970s by bereaved families and have since grown to become the two leading baby loss organisations in the UK. The Lullaby Trust, originally founded as the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID), has focused on sudden infant death, while Sands has concentrated on stillbirth and neonatal deaths. 

Since last year, Sands and The Lullaby Trust have been working more closely together than ever. This includes Baby Loss Awareness Week, the National Bereavement Care Pathway, and looking at how they operate their services and what they can learn from each other.