Hey there! We are so excited that you've landed on this page. Why? Because that means like us, you care about supporting bereaved families, ensuring the best possible levels of care and ultimately, funding research that will reduce the numbers of babies dying.

So, whatever you're thinking about doing, welcome aboard. We can't wait to support you with your fundraising.

Check out the list of ideas below. We really believe there's something for everyone. And if there's not, then we'd love to hear more about your idea. It's amazing fundraisers like you who inspire us!


Bake for Sands

It’s time to put on your apron, roll up your sleeves and Bake for Sands.

Always boasting about how your banana bread is perfect? Do you bake the most wonderful chocolate chip cookies? Now is the time rise to the occasion and bake a difference for Sands at the same time.


Whether bread, cookies or cakes are your thing, doughnut just sit there! Raise some dough for Sands.

For more inspiration and to sign up, click here.

Pledge your birthday

Is your birthday coming up?

Why not donate your birthday to Sands this year?  Help save the lives of babies yet to be born, and ensure that bereaved families get the support they need and deserve after the loss of their baby.


Setting up a birthday fundraising is easier than blowing out the candles on your birthday cake. Click here to find out more.

Get your group, club or association involved

Are you a member of a group, club or another association?

Share your time and skills with Sands and choose to fundraise for us.

There are lots of ways you can get involved. You might host your own event, sign up to one of ours, or choose us as your charity of the year. 


To find out more, click here.

Hundred Grand for Sands quiz

Take part in the Hundred Grand for Sands Quiz in partnership with KwizzBit. 

What's your favourite quiz subject? Are you a sports fanatic or an expert on 80s pop? The Hundred Grand for Sands Quiz is your chance to show off your smarts and support Sands at the same time. We're certain this is the best fun you'll have with friends, family and colleagues during lockdown! Sign up today and host a Hundred Grand for Sands Quiz - 10 rounds of 10 questions and aim to raise at least £100.


Fundraise at home

Not everyone fancies jumping out of a plane or running a marathon ... and that's okay! You can still fundraise for Sands, saving babies’ lives and providing vital bereavement support to those facing the hardest of times. 

Whether you’re into baking, fitness, socialising or gaming, check out the below for inspiration on how to support Sands from the comfort of your home. 

For ideas and inspirations click here


Take part in an event

At Sands, we have a huge variety of walks, runs, rides and other challenges you can take part in. Visit our event page here for the full list.

If you fancy doing something physical but in your own time, you might be interested in My Marathon My Way - a virtual marathon that you can complete in a day, week, month or year, wherever you like.

If you've a daredevil and want to skydive, find out more about taking a Leap of Love for Sands here.

Finally, we have lots of virtual challenges happening throughout the year - check the Get Involved menu for the current challenge.


Do your own thing

You might have a brilliant idea of your own to fundraise for Sands. If so, we'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you're planning by completing this short form here.


Or, if you're not quite sure where to start, drop us an email to fundraising@sands.org.uk and we'll help you turn your idea into a reality!

Love you to the Moon and back

Sands is venturing on a special mission to the Moon and back. 

Help us to raise a pound for every mile of our mission and create a legacy of hope and comfort for every bereaved family. Together we can take thousands of small steps to show the world how much every baby is loved.   

We've got lots of different activities that are part of this campaign - find your favourite and sign up here.


Get your school or RAG involved

Whether you're a parent, teacher or student, we would love your help in involving your school in Sands' work.

With 14 babies dying every day in the UK, it's likely that at least one family in your school will have personally been affected - maybe even more. Help us break the silence around baby loss by opening up the conversation and fundraising for Sands.

We'll help you approach the headteacher, plan your fundraising event and provide materials to make it a success. Find out more by clicking here.


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