All charities have a key responsibility towards their donors – to be clear about how donated money is going to be used at the point they are seeking the donations. Sands achieves this by having one shared fundraising pot that is spent on our strategic objectives, which are shared nationally and locally across the UK, and we report back to our donors about how effectively we have achieved those objectives.

Projects fall outside our regular activity. With their focus on a really tangible local impact, projects can inspire fundraisers to even more passionate and committed efforts, and we have to think carefully what we are going to say about them, and agree this before we start the fundraising process

We have created a guide to take us through the whole project process. As we learn from individual Groups what is working and what needs more thought, we will update and revise this guide. We also want to start capturing case studies of successful projects and sharing good ideas across our Networks, so this website will continue to grow.

The Project Journey

For now we are just focusing on three essential areas. Follow the links below to continue your journey: 

Step 1: Before we start to fundraise

Step 2: The fundraising drive

Step 3: Spending and doing!