June is Sands Awareness Month, when we all work hard to increase awareness of stillbirth and neonatal death and the everlasting impact experienced when a precious baby dies during pregnancy, at birth or shortly afterwards. While many more people are aware of the pain of baby loss because of the work of Sands and other organisations, many people still have no idea and it remains a taboo subject.

In 2017 we highlighted the tragic fact that 15 babies die every day, before, during or shortly after birth in the UK. Find out about the #15babiesaday initiative.

Over recent years we’ve made a lot of progress in breaking the silence, but there is a long way to go. This is a chance for us all to do our bit, no matter how small, to make people listen; to highlight the fact that over 450 babies will die during the month of June and to raise vital funds so that Sands can continue to support, research, and reduce the number of babies who die.



Sadly in the UK 15 babies will die each day in the UK before, during or shortly after birth – on average one baby every 90 minutes. Our #15babiesaday initiative highlights this and invites you to take part in a #90minutechallenge to help save babies’ lives. Find out more about the initiative.

Could you imagine your lives changing for ever in the time it takes to watch a football match or Disney's The Jungle Book? Each day on average 15 families will experience the stillbirth or neonatal death of their precious and much loved baby. We need your help to change this.