100 babies are stillborn, or die shortly after birth, every week in the UK. We need your help to keep these babies on the political agenda, and to raise awareness nationally and locally. Whilst Sands has a structured campaigning programme and has met with many of the key health representatives, politicians ultimately want to hear from – and listen more to – their local constituents.

We need to continue to raise awareness of stillbirth and neonatal deaths amongst politicians, to focus their minds on our specific issues and demands, and to ensure that our issues are given the priority, attention and funding they deserve. 

Your local MP, MSP, AM or MLA is interested to learn more about the concerns of their local constituents, and can begin to ask questions about standards of care and services at a very local level. He or she can also get behind larger, national campaigns. The influence that you can bring to bear cannot be underestimated so please get campaigning!

Find your local MP

Whether you want to write to your MP to raise awareness, arrange a face-to-face meeting to brief them about a particular issue, or ask them to be an active champion for our cause, we need your help. You can find you local MP on the They Work For You website.