1. Support #FindingTheWords on social media

If you haven't already, please watch and share our short film about the importance of finding the words to talk to parents after the death of a baby, and share it on your social media. 


Suggested social media posts

Simply copy and paste the text below - with the link.


Baby death is still a taboo subject. But together we can break the wall of silence. Join me in #FindingTheWords to support anyone who has experienced #babyloss and share the new @SandsUK film at www.sands.org.uk/findingthewords #15babiesaday


I'm supporting the #FindingTheWords with Sands to help everyone break the wall of silence around stillbirth and neonatal death. Please join me and share the campaign at www.sands.org.uk/findingthewords Thank you

Do you use Instagram Stories?

We're also asking people to share their stories on Instagram. If you experienced the death of a baby and received support from a relative, friend, colleague or someone else, we want to hear what they said or did to help you via an Instagram Story. By doing this we hope to demonstrate how important it is, and how much of a difference it can make, to find the words to support bereaved parents.

Just post a short video using the #FindingTheWords hashtag. Together we can make sure that bereaved parents tomorrow receive the support they need.

Together we can break the silence around baby loss

Feel free to tell everyone how you're #FindingTheWords in your own way on social media.

We have also created profile pictures and banners to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - you can find them below. Help to make as big an impact as possible by using and sharing them on your social media accounts!

2. Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Join our June fundraising challenge!WAMIMS_cover

Everything we do, every family we support, every midwife we train, and every piece of research we fund, is thanks to the hard work and dedication of our supporters: people like you!

By taking on Walk a Mile in My Shoes challenge and walking a mile in any way you want, you can do a huge amount to help make sure anyone affected by the death of a baby gets the support they need, when they need it.

Sign up for a Walk a Mile in My Shoes challenge now.

3. Call on your MP to support Finding the Words

Politicians can be key local advocates in raising awareness of baby loss. Why not email them to ask them to share the campaign video and messages on their website and social media?

  1. You can find your MP and their contact details using your postcode here, or you can find MSPs in Scotland, Welsh AMs or Northern Irish MLAs at these links. Remember in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland you will have more than one local representative so do email them all.
  2. Send them a simple email setting out who you are, what you are asking them to do and why.  There’s a template example and some guidance below.  Make sure you include your name and address, so they know you’re a local constituent, and – if you are happy to – it’s always helpful to tell your personal story so that they understand more about the issue.
  3. Tell us about it!  Please let us know if you email your local MP, MSP, MLA or AM, and if you receive a reply.  Send on any emails to caroline.stickland@sands.org.uk


4. Raise awareness in your local community

Talk about the campaign with everyone you know!

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to spread a message and if peolpe want to know more all you need to say is: “Go to sands.org.uk/findingthewords or look for #FindingTheWords on social media.”

Please put our Finding the Words campaign poster up in your local library, church, pub, gym, café, corner shop, or wherever you think it will reach the most people. You can download the PDF (below) or order some from our shop.

If you have contacts with a local hospital please let them know about the campaign and the support, training, and resources Sands provides for healthcare professionals.


Template email to Parliamentarians

#FindingtheWords template email to parliamentarians

Our work

Politicians can be key local advocates in raising awareness of baby loss. Why not email them to ask them to...

Guidance for Sands Groups and supporters: Involving politicians in our work

Guidance for Sands Groups and supporters: Involving politicians in our work

Our work

This guidance gives a brief overview of the best ways for Sands supporters to engage local politicians, and lays out...

#FindingTheWords - Facebook cover

#FindingTheWords - Facebook cover

15 babies a day
#FindingTheWords - Twitter cover

#FindingTheWords - Twitter cover

15 babies a day
#FindingTheWords - social media image

#FindingTheWords - social media image

15 babies a day
Finding the Words

Finding the Words poster

15 babies a day

Please put this campaign poster up in your local library, church, pub, gym, café, corner shop, or wherever you think...