Sands has a range of training and learning opportunities for professionals and students, these have been developed to build the knowledge and skills required to deliver effective care for parents and families when a baby dies.

Open Access Webinar

Sands webinars, accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, are hosted live and are ideal for any professional or student working in maternity services, neonatal care or in the community with bereaved families.  The webinars cover the key principles of excellent bereavement care and are designed to support professionals during COVID19 when face to face training is restricted.

At the end of each session participants will understand what good bereavement care looks like and know how best to support bereaved families in their care.

The voice of bereaved parents and the needs of professionals supporting them are at the centre of the learning materials, which include video content and links to useful tools and research. The session will last 2 hours and will include the following topics:

  • The parent experience
  • Grief, loss and trauma
  • Effective communication
  • Memory making
  • Enabling informed choice
  • National Bereavement Care Pathway
  • Support for health care professionals

Upcoming webinars will be held on:

  • 30 July, 9.30am-11.30am
  • 6 August, 12.00pm-2.00pm
  • 16 August, 2.00pm-4.00pm
  • 27 August, 9.30am-11.30am

Tickets for the webinars are free and available to book via Eventbrite 4 weeks prior to the webinar date. 

To book a place visit

Bespoke Webinar

Sands bespoke webinars are tailor made training sessions created for specific groups or teams working in NHS Trusts, NHS Boards, Universities, charities or other organisations.

These sessions are facilitated by our expert Training and Education team who work closely with host organisations to ensure that webinar content is focused and relevant for those attending.  Our webinars are interactive, easy to access online and suitable for students or staff working in any setting including hospitals, birth centres or the community. 

We know from experience that listening to bereaved parents is a valuable learning tool so the parent voice is at the centre of all of our learning materials.  The content of each webinar is unique and may include subjects such as: 

  • Listening to parents and families
  • Communication skills
  • Breaking unexpected news
  • The National Bereavement Care Pathway
  • The 9 standards of bereavement care
  • The theory of grief and trauma
  • Enabling memory making following the death of a baby
  • Supporting pregnancy following loss
  • PMRT and engaging parents in the review of their baby's death
  • Psychological support needs of bereaved parents and families
  • Support for professionals

For more information or to enquire about about a bespoke webinar for your organisation please contact us at

Parent Engagement in Review and the Perinatal Mortality Review Tool (PMRT)  Webinar

The session will cover the key principles, pathway and resources to support parent engagement in the hospital review of their care as outlined by the Perinatal Mortality Review Tool (PMRT). It is designed to support professionals across multi-disciplinary teams whether they have had training in bereavement care or not.

At the end of this session participants will understand what meaningful parent engagement in hospital review looks like. We will outline a pathway and indicate the resources which are available. We will share ideas for solutions to barriers in communicating hospital review to parents through break-out sessions.

The voice of bereaved parents and the needs of professionals supporting them are at the centre of the learning materials, which include video content and links to useful tools and research.

The session will last 1.5 hours and will include the following topics:

  • The parent experience
  • The importance of hospital review and the PMRT
  • Principles of meaningful parent engagement 
  • A pathway for parent engagement
  • Tools and resources to support engagement
  • Links to research and further support

Upcoming webinars will be held on:

  • 15 September, 10.00am-11.30am
  • 17 November, 10.00am-11.30am
  • 12 January '22, 10.00am-11.30am

To book a place visit Eventbrite.  Tickets for the webinar are free and available 4 weeks prior to the webinar date. 

For more information or to enquire about the webinar please contact us at


Training Workshops

Sands training workshops support any professional working with families who have experienced the death of a baby. Our expert trainers have extensive experience of bereavement care and so can work closely with delegates as they develop knowledge and skills.

Our workshops are interactive and include the following modules:

  • The family’s experience of pregnancy, birth and death
  • Effective communication skills
  • Grief, loss and trauma awareness
  • Enabling informed choice
  • Implementing the National Bereavement Care Pathway
  • Pregnancy following loss
  • Support and resources for staff

Sands workshops can be used as CDP for revalidation purposes.

Sands face to face workshops will resume when COVID restrictions allow, if you would like to find out more about bereavement care and training, please contact us at

Online Learning

Bereavement Care: One chance to get it right

This is an e-learning course for RCM members which aims to develop awareness, knowledge and understanding of the importance of providing parent-led, sensitive and empathic care for parents whose baby dies before, during or shortly after birth. It will focus specifically on losses from late miscarriage to 28 days of life.  It is not intended to replace face-to-face training which facilitates the development of skills in this important area of care.

To access this online course visit here

National Bereavement Care Pathway 

The National Bereavement Care Pathway (NBCP) e-learning module has been developed by a collaboration of charities, professional organisations and people with first-hand experience to improve bereavement care after miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, termination of pregnancy after prenatal diagnosis, stillbirth, neonatal death and sudden unexpected death in infancy.

Visit here to access the NBCP E-learning

Perinatal Post-Mortem Consent

Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare (HEE e-LfH) has worked with University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust and Keele University to develop an e-learning resource to support health professionals who are required to discuss perinatal post-mortem consent with bereaved families.  This e-learning programme aims to improve the knowledge and confidence of health professionals speaking to parents which will enable parents to make a well informed decision.

Visit the e-Learning for Healthcare website here to access the module



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