On the darkest of nights, the stars shine brightest  

When a baby dies, every parent leaves their old life behind and begins a journey into what can feel like complete darkness. At Sands we walk with people, to offer support, to shine a starlight of hope and help everyone find a way through. Sign up to Starlight Walk and continue your journey with us. 

Distance: 6km

When: November - December

Where: wherever you like

Pack fee: £5

Walk a Starlight  Walk  on your own or with a loved one.  Stroll through the countryside, march through the town or simply let your feet lead the way as you walk 6km for Sands with your lantern,  shining  a light of hope for all those bereaved families in need of support.  


Like starlight itself,  the love for our babies is endless,  and together we will walk through the darkness and find the light.  

What you'll receive once you've signed up

As part of your Starlight Walk registration, you'll receive:

  • 2 paper lantern to carry on the Starlight Walk*
  • 2 LED candles for each of your lantern
  • a walking in memory card to wear with pride on your walk
  • your fundraising page to support Sands

Decorate your lanterns with messages of love and carry them with you for every step of your walk underneath the stars, before keeping it as a lasting memory of your walk. 


How you can fundraise for Starlight Walk

With every pound you raise, you’re helping us create a legacy of hope and comfort for every bereaved family.  With every step you take, you’re showing the world how much every baby is loved.

  • Share your fundraising page created during the registration process online
  • Collect sponsorship from friends and family
  • Host a Starlight Walk fundraiser

Because of your fundraising, Sands will be there now and in the future for bereaved families and their loved ones.



Get your school involved in Starlight Walk

This year, we’re inviting schools to host their own Starlight Walk.

Find how to get your school involved here

Any questions?

If you have any questions you can check out our FAQ's below or contact us by emailing teamsands@sands.org.uk


How much do I need to fundraise?

We ask you to raised what you can using the fundraising page created for you during the registration process. There is no target with this event but that means you can set your own target. Did you know if you set a fundraising target you raise 50% more than those who don't. So make it a challenge but achievable for you and enjoy the time you get to support Sands. 

How much is it to sign up?

It is £5 to register for the virtual Starlight Walk. As part of this you'll receive 2 lanterns, an LED candle for each and 2 cards of dedication to wear on your walk. 

When do I complete my walk?

We would say this winter between November and December. That's the best time to see the starlight and complete your walk under the stars. You can of course do your Starlight Walk whenever is convenient for you.

Do I need to track my walk?

No. There is an option to do this which you can set up during the sign up process but there is no obligation to do this. It is only if you would like to. 

Will I receive a medal?

For Starlight Walk we feel the lanterns, candles and card of dedication are momentos for this event so we won't be sending out medals.

Do I need to fundraise?

We ask anyone who takes part to fundraise if they can and are able to. During the registration process a fundraising page will be set up for you and sent in an email link. If you are having trouble finding that link just email tamsands@sands.org.uk and we will help you. 

I'm struggling to fundraise, what can I do?

Please don't worry, there is no target for this event so anything you can raise is a huge help. If you are worried just email us at teamsands@sands.org.uk and we are very happy to help. We can share ideas of how to fundraise but as a starting point you could share your fundraising page on social media and send it to your friends and family via whatsapp. Another great way to encourage donations is to share your reasons for taking par, often once people understand why you're supporting us they're more than happy to donate and can help open up a conversation too. 

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