Bereaved mothers and grandmothers tell us that Mother’s Day can be a particularly difficult day for them, as it can increase feelings of isolation for many.

For this reason, the Sands Freephone Helpline will open on Sunday 22 March from 10am-12noon and again from 7.30pm-9.30pm. 

The number to call is 0808 164 3332 or you can email us if you would prefer at:

Our confidential helpline provides a safe place for bereaved parents and anyone affected by the death of a baby to seek comfort and support.

Our experienced bereavement support services team are there to listen to any feelings and experiences that bereaved families want to share.

If you are a bereaved mother or grandmother who would rather access support online, you are more than welcome to join our Online Community.

Our Online Community provides a safe space for bereaved parents to connect with each other and share their feelings 24 hours a day.

Helen Butlin, Bereavement Support Services Manager at Sands, said: “We know from bereaved families that days like Mother’s Day can be full of mixed emotions. So we have responded by extending the opening hours of our Helpline on a day when they may need us the most.

“In these uncertain times, our Helpline and Online Community are vital in keeping bereaved families connected by offering a safe, confidential and compassionate space to talk.

“Mother’s Day can be tough when you are grieving. The day might feel even tougher if you can’t be physically close to people or places that mean a lot to you. Talking and writing down how you feel can help make sense of things.

“I would encourage anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby to get in touch if they want to talk to us or speak to other bereaved parents online. 

“We are determined to do everything possible to bring people together and to be a beacon of comfort and hope during these challenging times.”

Sands’ Bereavement Support Book provides advice, help and support for bereaved families and each section focuses on a specific subject. This section is particularly useful to grandparents.

For details of other ways we can support you, including our bereavement support book and app,  visit our bereavement support page