We’re delighted to announce our latest ambassador KSAVI JOSHI, an international makeup artist, beauty & makeup educator and speaker.

Makeup has been a lifelong passion for KSAVI and it became a lifeline for her after experiencing post-natal depression, and later in finding her way through grief after the unexpected death of her second son Shivai in 2015 when he was almost eight months old.

KSAVI said: “Like so many who struggle with miscarriage, secondary infertility, and infant loss, I didn’t know how to handle or process the different moments of grief and I internalised my feelings, retreating into survival mode. My husband encouraged me to do something that would help begin my recovery and I decided to take up my love for makeup much more seriously, combining it with education, speaking and consultancy.

“It can be the smallest things that make a difference when you’re grieving and the simple act of putting on my favourite lipstick was a step to feeling like I could face the world. I’ve built a new life, a new normal, after going through so much pain. It can be so hard to talk about the death of your baby and there is still a wall of silence for many bereaved parents. 

“Together with Sands, I’m hoping to bring the support they offer to more people, especially in the South Asian community where this subject is still taboo for many. Having the honour and privilege of being an ambassador, combined with my role as educator and working in the beauty industry, allows me to reach more people that need this help and fits in with my ethos of serving by making the bridge between inner and outer beauty.

“Being Shivai’s mum and also to Avi and Kai is probably the greatest privilege of my life. The more I share my story and talk about what I’ve done to change life around in an authentic way, the more it can make a difference to others and it also a part of my own healing.”

Clea Harmer, Chief Executive at Sands, said: “I’m very happy to welcome KSAVI to the Sands family and excited about how she will be able to help break the silence around pregnancy and baby loss raise awareness of Sands within the South Asian communities abroad and in the UK. Everyone has to find their own way to build a new life after loss. KSAVI’s journey is truly inspirational and I look forward to working with her to bring her message of hope to many more people whose lives have been changed forever by baby loss.”

KSAVI will be taking part in the annual Sands Garden Day and Remembrance Event, including doing a reading. The event is normally held at the National Memorial Arboretum, but will be virtual this year due to the ongoing social distancing rules.

In the meantime, you can keep in touch with KSAVI on Instagram, Twitter, or her Youtube channel.