Jewellery company and Sands partner, Carrie Elizabeth, created a beautiful necklace in support of our charity. The necklace is engraved with the words, "We will look for you in the stars" and is set with twinkling stars and a removable crescent moon charm.

The necklace was created in memory of Alfie, a member of the Carrie Elizabeth family who died at birth. 100% of the profits from the sale of each necklace go directly to Sands and £2,629.32 has been raised so far! Thank you so much to everyone who has bought their necklace and supported Sands by doing so.

We are so pleased to be partnered with the Carrie Elizabeth family, who want to share their story and to support other families going through loss. Their hope is that by sharing their memory of their son, they can help other families going through similar experiences and make them feel less isolated and alone.

They received support from Sands and are now trying to help raise awareness of baby loss in the wider community. The necklace has meant a lot to many supporters who commemorate their loved ones through the beautiful piece.

This special necklace is still available in both gold and silver.


Visit here to get yours now:


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