14 babies die before, during or shortly after birth every day in the UK. We challenge you to take on #Challenge14 and take on 14, your way!

You could take on 14 miles, 14 km or 14 challenges over 14 days. However you choose to #challenge14 you’ve got January and February to complete your challenge and raise at least £150 for Sands.

By taking on #Challenge14 you will help us support bereaved families, raise awareness of this appalling fact that 14 babies die each day and help reduce the number of baby deaths in the UK further.

Be part of something. #Challenge14 with us. 

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All about Challenge 14

What is Challenge 14?

Challenge 14 is our response to the  appalling fact that 14 babies die each day. We want to challenge 14 by funding vital research to reduce the number of babies dying. #Challenge15 was created two years ago to challenge the appalling fact that 15 babies died each day. But thanks to fundraisers like you, supporting the work we do, Sands has played a crucial role in helping reduce the number of babies dying each day to 14. This number is still too high, but we are making progress which is why we have changed the name of our challenge to Challenge 14 and we will continue to work towards reducing the number of babies dying each day in the UK.

What challenges can I do as part of Challenge 14?

You can do anything you like that challenges you in 2020. This could be across a certain distance like 14 miles or 14 km, or it could be across a certain time period such as 14 days. Some examples of the challenges you could do are:

  • Run 14 miles
  • Walk 14km
  • Cycle between 14 locations or landmarks
  • Walk to and from work every day for 14 days
  • Choose something you might want to give up in January for 14 days

When can I do my Challenge?

Anytime in January and February. We say February as well as often it can be hard to suddenly change behaviour as of 1 January. So we suggest thinking about what's coming up in the new year, think about your schedule and choose a time within that period that works for you. In our office we're going to do something on the 14th January all together. But you have up until 28 February to complete your challenge.

What if running 14 miles seems too much?

Whether you’re planning on swimming lengths every morning for  days, walking 14 minutes a day for 14 days or making sure you attend your favourite fitness class 14 times over 8 weeks; set your own goal that works for you and listen to your body. Everyone is different. We’ll be here to support you every step, splash and pedal of the way and we're here to support you raise funds for Sands at the same time


How do I register?

You can sign up to Challenge14 by clicking on this link. There is no registration fee but we ask you to pledge to raise at least £150.

Can I register as a team?

Yes of course. Just sign up by clicking on this link, when it says are you a team leader say yes, and tell us the names of the your team mates. You don;t need to each register, but do tell us their names so we can thank everyone once you have fundraised.

When is the deadline to register?

There is no deadline but we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible so you can start your new year off with an amazing challenge and start fundraising for Sands.


How much do I have to raise?

£150. We have set this target as you're taking on an amazing challenge, so we know people would like to support you by sponsoring you. It's also an achievable amount to raise through these top tips:

  1. Bake Sale - average £130 raised
  2. Healthy smoothie stand at work - average £75
  3. Quiz night - invite 30  friends, £2 to enter is £60. Hold a raffle to raise the rest.
  4. Raffle - ask local businesses for donations of items in the sale or family to donate christmas presents they don't like. Charge £3 per ticket
  5. Organise your own park run and ask for donations. £5 to join in
  6. Make the most of gyms being busy in January, ask if you can hold a 14 hour bikeathon, or 14mile treadmill run in your local gym. People's sponsorship can go towards your Challenge14 and your completing  your challenge at the same time

How can I fundraise online?

You can fundraise however you prefer, however we would recommend you fundraising using JustGiving. To set your page up just click here . 

Are there any fundraising materials you can send me?

Yes if you are holding a fundraising event as part of your Challenge14, email teamsands@sands.org.uk and you can ask for posters, banners. Once you have signed u you will be sent a Sands t-shirt and vest (if you selected it during your registration process) 

How do I pay my fundraising in?

If you have raised your sponsorship online, it will come through automatically to Sands. If you have any cash donations you can pay these in to any Lloyds bank, via cheque or via our website. To request our bank details please email teamsands@sands.org.uk

Where will my money go?

A massive #challenge14 thank you for signing up to support Sands. Please do not underestimate the value of your commitment; without people like you doing amazing things to raise money we would not be able to continue to support anyone affected by the death of a baby, improve the  bereavement care received by parents and families, nor promote research to reduce the number of babies dying.

The money you raise will help towards funding crucial research to reduce the numbers of babies dying, funding bereavement training for healthcare professionals to make sure every parent from every background receives equally excellent bereavement care, offering local support for bereaved
families, providing free support, including a Sands memory box to collect keepsakes to help families remember their precious baby.

Everything we do relies on people like you so your support is absolutely vital and we really can’t thank you enough for helping us to continue the work we do.

Need more help?

We are here to support you throughout your challenge. Contact the fundraising team for any questions, not covered here.

e: teamsands@sands.org.uk
t: 020 3897 6092